SupCom Android

As some know, in my free time im working on the mini-game about FA for phones with android and ios. I started work in December and quickly stopped, but I would now go back to this project. I think I would do something like survival, where we control the ACU to defend civilians. Control the same as in the full game, but adapted for touch screen. I hope you enjoy it :)

Of course this is just fanart, I don’t have any benefit from this and I don’t want to sell the game




WEB PREVIEW <– You can play the game by a browser, but remember that the control is adapted for mobile

Android – min: android 2.3, openGL2.0, ARM7

build 0.413 : DOWNLOAD
build 0.412 : DOWNLOAD
android build 0.411 : DOWNLOAD
android build 0.410 : DOWNLOAD

for now I want to add:
– cybran and aeon ACU
– Overcharge and ACU upgrades
– Artylery/TML/bombers atack (powerups)
– more units – tanks t2, mechs t2, mobile shields
– air transports! (enemy)
– acu dead animation
– Cutscenes
– [menu] mision sellect
– some graphics enhancements
– PD buildings


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