Tank Commander

Tank Commander

Tank Commander – Cross-platform action game for PC, Ios and Android.

Game is about balistic. Its looks like simple driving and shooting game, but additionally it requires predicting the flight path of bullets. We can’t just move to avoid bullets, but we need to know where to move to not get hit. First version of game was just endless game, where spawns bigger and bigger waves of enemies. I want to push it further, give more game modes, turrets, different types of enemies (maybe even air), more weapons and powerups/boosts/mods.

Game will get campaing mode, where we traverse galaxy, capturing the planets.
Also endless on few maps from every kind of world.
Also 2-player multiplayer.

Im thinking about 3 types of weapons:
– Direct fire (with almost no balistic, big RPM, low DMG)
– Standard (as it is now)
– Spread
We will select one, and level it, upgrade.

Next thing is mods/powerups. I want that every of our tanks will have 1 – 3 slots for modsthat will help us in missions, and we will be able to change it before every game. You will unlock them in game or buy and you can upgrade them. This can be something like faster reload, nano-regeneration module, auto-rockets, anti air cannon, defense shield, scrap collector etc.
I’m still thinking about powerups. UberCannon in previous version is cool. Propably you will be able to select 2-3 powerups for every mission and upgrade them in armory etc. This can be UberCannon, stunn, earthquake, bombardment from air, artylery, air support, repair. Every powerup will have reload time, so you can’t use it all the time.

For uprades we will pay with mass. For every game we will get some mass.
Energy will be use for powerups or modules. Still need to thing how to balance this.

Tank Commander Image1 PC

Tank Commander Image2

Tank Commander Menu Concept

Tank Commander Android

Tank Commander Ios

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