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Time to reactivate Tank Commander game!

Maybe some of you remember my project “Tank Commander”. It was closed, because I wanted to create minigame about PA that was not possible. I said then that I wanted to continue this project as an independent game. I just finished most exams and I think its good time to start something about it.

In the meantime, I spent some time to rethink details, and i have some cool ideas what I can do with this game.

Game is about balistic. Its looks like simple driving and shooting game, but additionally it requires predicting the flight path of bullets. We can’t just move to avoid bullets, but we need to know where to move to not get hit. First version of game was just endless game, where spawns bigger and bigger waves of enemies. I want to push it further, give more game modes, turrets, different types of enemies (maybe even air), more weapons and powerups/boosts/mods.