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Time to reactivate Tank Commander game!

Maybe some of you remember my project “Tank Commander”. It was closed, because I wanted to create minigame about PA that was not possible. I said then that I wanted to continue this project as an independent game. I just finished most exams and I think its good time to start something about it.

In the meantime, I spent some time to rethink details, and i have some cool ideas what I can do with this game.

Game is about balistic. Its looks like simple driving and shooting game, but additionally it requires predicting the flight path of bullets. We can’t just move to avoid bullets, but we need to know where to move to not get hit. First version of game was just endless game, where spawns bigger and bigger waves of enemies. I want to push it further, give more game modes, turrets, different types of enemies (maybe even air), more weapons and powerups/boosts/mods.


Pizza Jazz

I just got mail, from Graphic Design teacher that she wants to use my work in his book that she writes.
Pizza Jazz

The Escape

Me and my freend, Konrad, created 3D animation using Maya to pass exam from Animation. Animation was created using Viewport 2.0 Renderer. It’s fast, realtime, and not look bad. Many people still don’t belive us that this is rendered from Maya Viewport 🙂

Delta commander from foam

Today I started creating from foam model of Delta Commander from Planetary Annihilation. I’m using 2mm Eva Foam, with “SuperGlue”. Im using glue for wood to make hard surfece over foam.
Eva Foam 1
Eva Foam 2

Gift from GPG

I just received a package from GPG with 3 posters signed by Chris Taylor and GPG Tshirt. Funny thing was that tshirt is 2XL size, and usualy i wear M but this is not a problem. I have UEF poster over my bed and my life is better now.


Supreme Commander Android

I just added category with my old project – SupCom Android Minigame. Its old, but funny, and it was my first try of doing rts for mobiles. I stoped working on it after many posts from people about copyrights to Supreme Commander.

Massage from Uber

John Mavor send me mail “impresive”. Its so cool, that my project – Mini Planetary Annihilation – was noticed by Uber team. It took me almost 2 weeks to do this in my free time but it was worth it.

Hi all!

Welcome to my new website!

Here you will find information about my projects, news about those over whom I am currently working, and my other art.